About SRCS

Steveston RC Sailing Club (SRCS) is a group of individuals who share an interest in RC sailing and racing. Headquartered in Steveston BC, we utilize the beautiful sheltered waters of Steveston Harbour. Our main racing venue is at Imperial Landing with its long lineal dock that is perfect for launching and following an RC boat. Founded in 2017, as an informal group sailing Soling One Meters and Dragon Force 65s (DF65), membership swelled and the Club emerged as a registered society in the spring of 2018. By that time International One Meters (IOM) had been added as our third formal fleet. The Club is open to any class of RC sailboat with organized racing of the official fleets being the primary activity. Most members also join the Canadian Radio Yachting Association (CRYA), the national body promoting radio controlled sailing in Canada.

If you are interested in joining SRCS please make contact through stevestonrcsailing@gmail.com , or by dropping by the Imperial Landing dock during one of our scheduled race days or by following the steps outlined below.


Visitors are encouraged to sail RC boats with us anytime to see if they like the hobby and determine if SRCS programs are a good match. Visitors will be asked to join the Club after a maximum of 3 (three) guest race days. Becoming a member is easily accomplished by filling in the Membership Application and the Waiver and submitting them to stevestonrcsailing@gmail.com .

The Club’s Constitution and Bylaws as well as our current Safety Plan are key references you should read as part of the application process.

The Club’s membership year ends December 31 of each year. Contact us at stevestonrcsailing@gmail.com for current membership fees.