DF 65

June 6 

May 05 2024 

Gray skies, steady easterly wind, no rain...what more could we ask for?! The biggest challenge for the fleet was avoiding the 'sargossa sea' pile of debris that showed up around the mid-point of racing. Bold were the sailors weaving a course through this challenge! 

Apr 21 2024 

Starting with a fine A+ rig wind and sunny skies, 8 intrepid skippers hit the water at the Steveston docks for some DF65 racing. With a southerly wind direction, there tended to be a looooonnnnggg upwind port tack - followed by a starboard tack, right of way, and slight tide weather mark congestion! Therein followed a lengthy downwind leg with a shot upwind back to the finish.

I would like to let readers of this days' results know that "he who shall not be named" (aka Blair) took the opportunity to challenge himself/us(?!) by sailing with his A rig. With the wind filling in and out, it made catching the breeze with the smaller rig all that more challenging! 

By day's end it was pleasantly warm on the dock and I hope you'll be able to join us on our next scheduled DF65 fleet race on Sunday May 5th!

PS a welcome shout out to our two new SRCS members and DF65 fleet sailors, Allan and Clare Strain. Thank you for coming down to the dock today!

Apr 7 2024 

March 17 

DF65 Spring Series Opening Day Sunday March 17th.

A sunny, warm March morning greeted the eight skippers at Imperial Landing this day. The scarcity of wind as we set up precipitated a straw vote that ended 6 to 2 in favor of sailing versus getting more coffee - so sail we did! 

An extraordinary amount of flotsam and jetsam until the tide flushed it out meant a slight delay to the start of racing and our first couple of races were held on a shortened course, however, after two such races we had the full racetrack to use. 

A total of nine races were completed with every competitor at least once getting their "best race ever" sidelined through a keel capture of a dreaded river weed! 

Next scheduled DF65 fleet race day is Sunday April 7th and we hope you'll join us then!

Chris Harrison