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I often have new or used Solings for sale.  My new boats are available at or near cost of materials. My hours of work building them is free to you. THE ONLY HITCH IS THAT I WILL ONLY SELL THESE BOATS TO INDIVIDUALS THAT ARE INTERESTED IN SAILING WITH OUR GROUP ON A REGULAR BASIS. Many of our sailors have had big boat sailing experience, some still own big boats. Beginners are welcome and we will help introduce you getting into our fun sport.

So, if you are interested please send me an email telling me a bit about yourself and your desire to participate in this hobby. You are welcome to watch us sail. It is super fun. 

Need a good home for this older sail boat.

Free for a beginner to take up the sport.

It has a radio sail winch and receiver.

Measured at 914 m m long.

Needs tuning .

Cedric Neale 



Up for sale is this beautifully recently rebuilt Otter. Full new paint job in metallic blue. New A/B/C rigs with all the best parts. 10mm jib booms, carbon goosenecks, French mast tubes, SailboatRC sails all matching. New ARS808R winch, new Hitec waterproof servo. All new internal and external rigging. Everything new without having been used. Craig Smith fins and bulb. This boat is very competitive and underweight with sail box and stand included. You bring radio gear and a winning attitude, the fun will follow! Selling because I have too many IOM’s. Local pickup only.

Peter Grimm 


Price $3750 CAD 

DF65 CAN 236

V6 DF 65 only sailed once. Comes with radio gear, A+ and A rig and sails. Ready to sail. Local pickup only.

Peter Grimm


Price $350 CAD