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Just cast a couple of IOM bulbs which I'm making available to anyone in need.

One came in at 2440grams, the other 2460grams.

Both bulbs have a Stainless Steel core.

Due to the dramatic increase in the cost of lead, I'm afraid I need to ask $120/bulb.



Solings for Sale

I have three new Solings available that I will sell for COST of materials (about $600 - $850). My hours of work building them is free to you. THE ONLY HITCH IS THAT I WILL ONLY SELL THESE BOATS TO INDIVIDUALS THAT ARE INTERESTED IN SAILING WITH OUR GROUP ON A REGULAR BASIS. Many of our sailors have had big boat sailing experience, some still own big boats. Beginners are welcome and we will help introduce you getting into our fun sport.

So, if you are interested please send me an email telling me a bit about yourself and your desire to participate in this hobby. You are welcome to watch us sail. It is super fun.

IOM For Sale CAN 452

Builder: Roberts Composites

Design: Otter

Electronics: RMG winch, hitec rudder servo.

Rigs: Comes with A, B rigs. All in good race condition.

Price: $2250

Comments: This Otter is a great sailing boat at a great price. Lots of recent work and turn key performance. Bring your own TX/RX, and start sailing.