Soling National Results

2023 Soling 1M Canadian National Class Championship

18 racers enjoyed marvelous conditions June 24 and 25 for the Soling 1M Nationals in Steveston BC. Winds started out around 12 kn on Saturday and got everyone charging hard right away. Skippers had to be on their toes as they beat into a strong tidal current heading to the windward mark. Those who attempted to cut the corner a bit were usually rewarded with a second approach before they rocketed off down wind. Sunday was a bit less challenging with currents reduced and winds lighter.


Race officials did a fantastic job setting courses that provided good upwind legs in Steveston’s fairly narrow race area. Starts were usually in quite close quarters and very competitive and were mostly followed within a minute or two with a dozen or more boats heading directly for the dock on starboard tack. Rule 20 came into play frequently. The varied talents of racers often showed up with a group of regular leaders intensely fighting for the top six positions and the rest of the fleet engaged in another battle a ways back from the front.  Perhaps this helped make both days highly enjoyable for most participants

In the end Blair VanKoughnett showed us all how its done with a commanding performance of 19 first place finishes in 24 races. Second spot went to Bud Fassnacht and third to Colin Huggett. Its interesting to note that a total of four skippers found themselves crossing the finish line first in at least one race. Also, no one dominated last place with five different skippers pulling up the rear at least once in the regatta.

First Place

Blair VanKoughnett (left)

Bob Lewis (right) Commodore SRCS

Second Place

Bud Fassnacht (left)

Bob Lewis (right) Commodore SRCS

Third Place

Colin Huggett (left)

Bob Lewis (right) Commodore SRCS

The organizing committee put together a great experience.  Beautiful First Nations art, donated by Aspen Insurance, was awarded to the top three skippers. A number of door prizes, donated by local businesses, were also presented in a random draw. The big prize, a brand new 3DRCBoats Soling with rig and sails by Dion Sails and graphics by DragonSkins USA was won by Michael Kidd who had just competed in his first Soling 1M event with borrowed boat. Good nutritious food and refreshments and a social gathering at Goodco Restaurant and Bar completed the experience. Many thanks to Paul Killeen for the photos, 

It was an honour for Steveston RC Sailing Club to host this National Championship and we thank CRYA for their support and guidance.

Report By:

Al Oliver Secretary SRCS

2023 Soling National Results