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November 12 Results

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June 11 Results

May 28 Results

The DF65 fleet had some great A+ conditions today.  Lots of close races and good times as always. I'll do my best to see where folks are ranked for the standings.  See you in few weeks. 

May 14 Results

The brisk westerly presented challenging DF65 conditions, which resulted in exciting and tight racing.  The day was warm and sunny and current was not a significant factor. 

April 23 Results

The conditions made course laying challenging. 5 to 8 knot out of the south meant setting up the start line east/west off the end of the dock, with the weather mark out in the channel, and the downwind mark close to the shore. We soon realized that the weather mark was unmakeable give the 2 -3 knot ebbing tidal current, so marks were reset with the start line between the dock and the shore, and the weather mark much closer inshore with an offset near the bridge. The wind soon clocked to SW requiring another mark adjustment.

Mar 26 Results

Winds were just perfect for the A+ rig with a not too harsh current were the conditions for Race #5 of the DF65 series.  Only 5 skippers raced, but we did have a new local join us - please welcome Jim.  We managed to have 9 two lap races with #27 Bob L. winning the day.  Only 6 points separated the top 3 so some really close racing for the day. 

Mar 12 Results

Overcast skies with a nice breeze started DF65 Race #4 of the 2023 race series.  There was an easterly building through the day and gusting to over 15 knots by the last race #11.  14 skippers enjoyed the challenging conditions - wind shifts, current, and tough competition!  With exception to the first race, all races were 2 laps.  There was hardly much distance between the first and last boat in and a total of 11 races scored.  Bob L. #27 was the most consistent and won the day.  Followed by a couple guys who I think was their first day racing in 2023 - Colin H #145 and Michael K #73.  Looking forward to the next race day, March 26. 

Feb 12 Results

Almost perfect A-plus rig conditions for the DF65's for race #3 on Feb. 12.  A steady easterly was about square to the dock and although there was strong outflow current, there was enough wind to power windward.  Seven skippers started the drizzly day but only five ended the day.  Good racing and strategies prevailed in the smaller fleet and #85 Brian W. won the day.  

(Rules were tested and a side-query was made for a finish line situation - During a tight race, #27 came in on starboard to the finish line.  Its bow crossed the course side of the mark, beating the competing boat #111.  #27 hooked the finish mark line, but didn't touch the mark.  According to sailing instructions, the mark line is not part of the mark.  So when #27 hooked the line, had current keep them away from the mark as they backed out, the finish counts in place).

January 29 Results

We started the day with an S.Easterly and ended with a westerly.  Alan G. Won the day, followed by Steve K. and Brian W.   We had lots of spectators today.  Next race will be Sunday, February 12.