DF 65 2022

2022 Spring and Fall Series Results

November 13 Results

October 23 Results

September 25 Results

Six DF65 sailors enjoyed a warm and sunny day's sailing on the last Sunday in September. Winds were light and variable from the West which, combined with the limited dock space, made setting a course a bit challenging. After some discussion we settled on the upstream side of the pier with a windward leeward course set off the end of the wharf. It seemed to work well, but it definitely helped that there was negligible current and only six boats on the start line. Setting a course and finding dock space to accommodate a large fleet will be tricky with a North West wind. Racing was close with the results in doubt until the last race. Congratulations to Brian Woodward on his victory.

September 11 Results

Ten DF65 skippers braved the wildfire smoke to enjoy 12 races under spectacular conditions. The A+ rigs handled the mostly steady breeze perfectly. Of course in this fleet good clean starts were required for a top place finish. Catching the shifts correctly helped as well. Blair showed us how it was done. Everyone took their turn as Race Officer and did a fine job. It was pleasant to hear no arguments from skippers who slipped over early. Did you know that the longest second on the clock is the one between "one" and the gun; its amazing how far a DF65 can travel in that freakishly long second.

Spring Series Final Results

Blair was also winner of the Spring Series, with an unbeatable combination of great results and good attendance. After throwing out his worst 42 races, his worst race to count was a single 4th! Brian Woodward had managed to accumulate enough points that he was able to survive missing the Spring Regatta and it's double points, staying just ahead of hard charging Steve Kinsey and Don Martin.

84 races on a single page means the print size is going to be pretty small so only the Totals and Nets are posted.

An informal Summer Series will start July 10, and continue to August 28. Our Fall Series will get underway on September 11. Check the Club website for further info and dates.

June 26 Results

Conditions for the Regatta were ideal, with both wind and water conditions co-operating. There was competition throughout the fleet with a season high of 6 different boats claiming victory in at least one race. Congratulations to eventual winner Blair V, closely followed by Don Martin and Steve Kinsey in second and third. Thanks to Pat Dion for taking on starting and scoring responsibilities for the day. Trophies ( a custom monogrammed beverage containment/dispensing system) will be awarded at the next AGM, Covid permitting of course.

June 12 Results

May 08 Results

The day started out with light but steady winds allowing for a perfect up wind and dead down wind course on the west end of the dock. Wood and weed contamination on the course caused some disappointments particular when a leader would get a woody and drop a few places. Dodging debris was part of a winning formula. Around noon we took a lunch break and let the wind clear the course. From that point on conditions were perfect. Everyone had a turn being race officer and everyone did a great job.

There were surprisingly few boats over early given the competitive nature of the fleet. Seven of the eleven boats got at least one first place finish and Blair showed the way with five bullets.

Many hands made light work of putting stuff away and everyone got home in time to honor mothers everywhere.

Al Oliver

April 24 Results

A course was set and after a quick practice race we got our first race underway, using a rotating OOD format. Unfortunately the wind did not co-operate and after a couple of races the wind went south and couldn't make up its mind which way, if any, it wanted to blow. It looked like it was going to settle in from the West, so we put up the AP flag and moved the marks around to set up for a south westerly wind. By the time we'd moved the marks, a number of us grumbled that we probably should just have moved to the west side of the pier and avoided the wind shadow of the Blue house etc. Etc. But luckily we didn't move because after a couple of races the wind switched back to the east and the last three races were sailed in a brisk easterly. The ebb tide was building throughout the day and by the final race the big challenge was getting around the windward mark. Most boats underestimated its strength and ended up putting in multiple tacks at the mark, with many positions being gained or lost in the rounding.

All in all it was an interesting days sailing with multiple course changes and the full range of both wind and tide conditions. The results reflect the difficult conditions with no boat dominating the finishes. Blair was perhaps the most consistent, but he only sailed half the races. The days winner, Brian Woodward, had to throw out a 6th and a 7th, so it was not all smooth sailing.

April 09 Results

March 27 Results

The DF65's had a brisk day on the water. It was top of A+ and some doing well with their A's. 05 Blair took the pole today, followed by 85 Brian W, and 111 Steve K. The course was shortened due to the boat on the inside of the dock. It was 3 legs with an upwind finish. Current and debris not really a factor today but there was a large stump which created a challenge to some. Overall, a nice brisk dry day.

Please Note an OOD is where the person called the line and did not race but got his average score.

March 13 2022 Results

13 Sailors turned out for our first post Covid Race day. We started with some practice starts and a practice race and then got down to some serious racing. Fortunately the rain held off, but so did the wind and what started out as ideal race conditions deteriorated after an hour or so into drifting conditions with many shifts and holes in the wind resulting in many position changes throughout the fleet. Racing was abandoned at 1pm after 4 races. Congratulations to new member Paul Killeen on a great first outing.